Saturday, June 26, 2010

Trip - Kalyaneshwari-Panchet Dam -Panchet Hill

Another weekend trip to Kalyaneshwari. This time it was special. As my wife joined me.

Trip Log:

Destination : Kalyaneshwari-Panchet Dam -Panchet Hill
Total Distance Covered : 531 KM
Total Time Taken : 16.5 hrs (Including Stops, Puja, Breaks etc)

Team Men

Abhijit Bhattacharya(Bhatta) : On YAMAHA Fazer

Saikat Kundu : On YAMAHA Gladiator Grafiti

Sudipta Roy : On YAMAHA Gladiator RS
Sankalita Roy (My Wife) : Pillion Rider on Gladiator RS


Route : Meet at Dunlop -> Via Bally Bridge -> Kona Express Way -> Durgapur Express Way -> NH2. Return journey same way.

Google Route Map:

It was July 4, 2010. We were on the road again. Since the birth of Bhatta's daughter, we were planning to give a puja at Kalyaneshwari. I added Panchet Dam to the itinerary.

Though it was planned to start at 4:00 in the morning, but due to some misunderstanding we ended up with one helmet short. Saikat immediately ran to his home for his spare helmet. Finally we start at 5:15 and withing 15 minutes we all met at Dunlop and headed towards Durgapur Express Way.

Being the monsoon season, it was raining, not very much but enough to make the riding speed below 60 kmph. I and my wife did not wore raincoat, instead we enjoyed the rainy riding.

God was kind enough that day. After 10:00 it was a clear sunny sky through out the day.

Near Shaktigarh, small disaster happened. Suddenly my camera bag hook came out. My wife catch it without giving any time to me to react, resulting which my bike skidded. I some how managed to keep it on my foot, but landed on road side gravel. Ultimately we both fall on the road. Thanks to YAMAHA's excellent breaking & God blessing that we had no injury, not a scratch on our body.

We had our lunch at Shaktigarh. We checked tire pressure and surprisingly found that all of our bikes running little under than required, though we had our bike checked before that day. However, having problem of puncture last time, we came prepared with puncture repair kit. So it was not a big problem.

We reached at Kalyaneshwari at 11:00 am. Puja took 1 hour 15 minutes. We headed towards Panchet. It took almost an hour to get there.

We drove along with the dam and reached near by village. The spot was so beautiful, I wish if possible half of day can be spend laying on the green grass. Having water all around the wind is so cool that one can fall asleep.

at Shaktigarh in the night.

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